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PremiumFill and PremiumLift are brands of Krasotec AG a swiss company focused on creating new, innovative products for the medical aesthetics industry.

Everyone who has been a bit knowledgeable about dermal fillers, beautification and cosmetic treatments especially dermal filler treatments like the usage of different injections through micro needles and blunt cannulas, know that the latter is very useful in comparison. But what is the science behind it? Not many people know about it, hence we shall tell you the actual science behind the same.

Cannulas are the most effective tubes that can be used to inject products or fluids into the skin through blunt ends that have been used for many years within the US.

They are mostly used for fat transfer procedures Their large size makes them the most suited for such sub cutaneous injections. They are used for intradermal injections for a more precise placement method as well. Smaller cannulas have also been developed for intra dermal tissue fillers They have other safety advantages because of their blunt tip and flexible body too. They enable almost all filling agents to be used through them

How It Works?

Blunt tip cannulas work through sliding. They can easily slide through the sub cutaneous layers of the skin. They are designed in such a way that they can be used with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and even non HA fillers as well. It is their length as well as flexibility that allows for coverage over a larger area surface only through a single entry at one single point. They do not cut through the layers but rather move through the tissues and the vessels like typical hypodermic needles.

Therefore, there is less damage and greater maneuverability through the filler injections which have blunt tips. All procedures are performed very quickly and there is lesser pain as well. They also have the best ever manageability that can be inserted very easily and penetrated with minimal force as well in addition to having the best gliding ability. Hence there is lesser bruising, better comfort, improved precision and control as well as great administration too.

There are many blunt cannulas which have different technologies used in them as well such as CSH and SteriGlide cannulas that have more gliding features and paths with better control and more precise replacement as well. Some of them also have ultra-thin wall technology with better flow as well.

Hence now you know all the science behind blunt tip cannulas and can stay all informative all the time.

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